There was a crash near romershag

The driver came this morning, thursday, 29. August, shortly before the train romershag into the skid. A traffic jam formed for a short time because the road was fully blocked. Later, traffic was diverted past the accident site on a single lane.

Accident after overtaking manover
the driver – a young man from the altlandkreis – skidded just before the romershag railroad crossing. According to police, he presumably lost control of his car while rejoining the road after an overtaking maneuver. Then he got onto the shoulder, skidded and knocked himself over. The jeep finally came to rest on the opposite carriageway on the passenger side.

"The first responders reacted in an exemplary manner", said michael krug, commander of the fire department bad bruckenau, at the scene of the event. They had pulled the slightly injured driver out of his vehicle through the trunk and regulated the traffic. The driver was taken by ambulance to the hospital in bad bruckenau. The fire department, which was on duty with 15 people, took over the traffic regulation. The comrades from schondra also jolted out, but were able to leave again immediately. The police estimate the material damage to the vehicle at 10.000 euro to.

Salvage with obstacles
a small mishap occurred during the recovery of the crashed car. After the men hoisted the car back onto its four wheels, the car rolled downhill toward the railroad overpass. With their combined strength, the men brought the vehicle to a halt – then they first applied the handbrake.