Warlock in mexico predicts germany’s defeat

Warlock in mexico predicts germany's defeat

Mexico's self-appointed supreme wizard has predicted a victory for the el tri against germany in a ceremony.

He ordered that the mexican national team will win the first four games and reach a very good place, said antonio vazquez alba fogged by smoke in mexico city. On wednesday, the champion wizard shared a video of the world cup ritual, which he performed in style wearing a mexican fubball jersey, on twitter. For the match against germany he predicted a result of 1:0.

"Ometeotl, that's the way i like it, that's the way i want it, that's the way it is, that's the way it will be," said the so-called "brujo mayor" in the direction of the aztec god who is supposed to bring luck to the team. But the mexican team will not be world champions, says the wizard. According to jungbauer, the quarterfinals will be the end of the road for el tri. The winner comes from a romance country. It could be brazil, portugal or spain, says the "brujo mayor" – but the world championship winner is not from europe, says vazquez alba.

The man with the long beard is known in mexico for his predictions on politics and sports. He also made predictions about the outcome of the presidential election in mexico on 1 january. July. He also reportedly predicted the arrest of drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman, according to local media. Before the U.S. Election, however, he declared donald trump would not be the republican nominee. It is not known how high the error rate of the wizard is.