First trial in the abuse complex

First trial in the abuse complex

The details from the indictment are almost unbearable – and give an impression of the suffering of the victims of the nationwide abuse complex that began in bergisch gladbach in north rhine-westphalia.

For months, investigators have been analyzing huge amounts of data to find more perpetrators and victims of the unbelievable child abuse. The first trial in the country began on wednesday at the regional court in monchengladbach. Two 39-year-old men are charged with 79 counts of sexual abuse of children, among other things.

Between 2015 and november 2019, the two germans allegedly repeatedly raped two girls – one his daughter, the other his niece. According to the indictment, the men got to know each other through an internet forum for padophiles and then allegedly met regularly in order to commit some of the crimes together. The abuse, which lasted for years, was part of the daily routine of the girls, who were between six and eleven years old at the time of the crime.

"The defendants established a system based on reward and habit," the prosecutor said. The children had regularly received money and other gifts to make them compliant. Sometimes the little brother of one of the girls was also present during the deeds. The defendants from krefeld and viersen followed the more than one hour long reading of the indictment with bowed heads, one of them wept. It remained open on the first day of the trial whether they would like to comment on the accusations during the course of the trial.

The mannerists are also charged with the production, distribution and possession of child pornography. They are said to have made videos and photos of their deeds and exchanged them – in part with other chat partners. Investigators found tens of thousands of these images and films on the defendants' cell phones and computers. Such chats brought the police finally on their track.

Last october, officers searched the apartment of a 42-year-old man in bergisch gladbach, germany. There they found huge amounts of child pornographic material, which dozens of specialists of the colonn police are still working on today. Even experienced investigators had to struggle with the violent images. Koln police chief uwe jacob said at the time he was "stunned and dismayed in light of the horrific acts".

The 42-year-old was on the move in numerous chat forums in which padophiles were cavorting – and in some cases also left clues about their identity. Since then, the investigators have been meticulously searching for further perpetrators and victims with the help of special software.

In north rhine-westphalia alone, police are now investigating more than 20 suspects, nine of whom are in custody. In addition, almost 40 suspects from other federal states have been identified so far, according to a recent report by the NRW ministry of justice to the state parliament's legal committee. 31 victims identified so far. The figures could be much more rough – not all data have been evaluated by far yet.