Robocop: the 15 funniest quotes from the 1987 film | screenrant

RoboCop: The 15 funniest quotes from the 1987 film | ScreenRant

In many ways, RoboCop is the quintessential science fiction masterpiece from director Paul Verhoeven. It took a simple science fiction movie and turned it into a smart, funny piece of filmmaking that mixed social satire with buckets of ultraviolence and comedic one-liners. It's these hilarious quotes that live on and preserve the film's satirical notoriety.

RoboCop is, by definition, silly and doesn't make much sense, but it's still fun to watch, if for no other reason than to laugh at a collection of hilarious quotes from its cast of characters. It helps to sell the idea that no one should take the movie too seriously and instead sit back and enjoy the laughter, blood and cultural references of the time.

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Early representation by an attorney for labor law

You have doubts about the legality of a dismissal? Or do you have questions about severance pay? These and many other aspects of labor law are regulated by labor law. This exists to protect the employee and is primarily intended to protect the employee from unfair working conditions.

In addition, it enables you to influence working conditions through works councils and inter-company associations. We recommend that you contact a specialist lawyer in the event of labor law disputes, who will be able to maintain an overview even in complex issues. With the attorneys of our law firm Dr. Jung und Partner in Cologne, you are in good hands with your legal concerns.

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Smart labor law – quality and commitment to clients

The law firm Smart Arbeitsrecht was founded by me, attorney Raphael Lugowski, in order to offer you high quality services in the field of labor law. My claim is to provide you with the best possible support for all your employment law concerns and to enforce your rights. To help you achieve your goals and get rid of your problems.

To this end, I will first provide you with qualified and precise advice on your employment law situation and offer you a custom-fit solution to your problem or. of your concern. I like to take my time for you, because this is a feature that distinguishes Smart Arbeitsrecht most clearly from other law firms. In addition to specialization and experience, time and thoroughness in handling a case as well as intensive commitment are surrogates for the quality of legal services.

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Blog: cancel the dutch contract in the meantime

Blog: Cancel the Dutch contract in the meantime

Due to the current high energy prices and inflation, there are currently companies that would prefer to terminate their Dutch contracts with suppliers or customers. But what if the contract or the Dutch law does not offer the possibility to terminate the contract?? Is a Dutch contract then at all in the meantime terminable? In this blog post, Dutch lawyer Wouter Timmermans explains whether and how to terminate the Dutch contract in the meantime.

Termination of open-ended contracts with customers or suppliers

Unlimited contracts that do not contain a termination option can usually be terminated in the meantime.

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Becoming a specialist lawyer in landlord and tenant law

In the following article, attorneys and trainee attorneys who are looking for a suitable specialized attorney course for their further qualification will find information about the specialized attorney course in landlord and tenant law. You will also find out what is required of you to become a specialist lawyer in tenancy and WEG law.

Becoming a specialist lawyer in landlord and tenant law
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Family court judge gregor dehmer answers questions about his work at the district court

Family court judge Gregor Dehmer answers questions about his work at the district court

Many judges deal with factual matters that lie in the past. Not so in family law – because here decisions are made that have an impact on the future of families and children.

However, family courts do not only deal with divorces and child cases. In an interview, family court judge Gregor Dehmer from Cologne Local Court reveals how varied the work in the family court is – and what skills students interested in family law should have.

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Cornel ehrentraut – your specialist lawyer for family law

Since 2006 as a lawyer and for more than ten years as a specialist lawyer I have been committed to my clients in family law. In the meantime I look back on more than 1.800 cases back, in which I was allowed to accompany spouses, children and parents as well as life partners in difficult phases of the divorce as a lawyer. As a father and family man, my legal work in family law is not only my profession, but also my sincere passion.

Cooperation at eye level: trust as the most valuable asset

During my work as a family law attorney in Neuss, I have found that trusting cooperation is crucial, particularly in family law and especially in the context of divorce. Therefore, I attach great importance to honesty, understanding and openness with my clients. Let my client support, which is based on trust and confidentiality, help you in the following areas:

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Report defects with success

There is hardly a tenant who does not have to deal with housing deficiencies at some point in time. Whether it's a broken stove, a malfunctioning heating system or mold – you want the damage to be repaired quickly and permanently. You can contribute to this yourself. If you simply ask the janitor in the hallway about the leaking windows, you shouldn't be surprised if nothing happens. And anyone who reduces the rent by 30 percent on his or her own initiative because of a crack in the laminate may even risk termination. We tell you what you have to pay attention to so that your notice of defects is successful and you can enforce your right to a defect-free apartment.

There are said to be landlords who, after receiving a call, send a craftsman the next day to repair the defect. It is much more common for tenants to wait months in vain for a defect to be remedied. "… I have already called the property management company a few times about this!", the legal advisors of the citizen of Berlin tenant association (BMV) often get to hear. An argument that drives lawyers to despair, because a notice of defect by telephone is nothing more than a gamble: maybe it will do some good, maybe not. Further claims, such as the right to terminate without notice in the case of extreme defects or claims for damages, for example for radiator costs in the case of a failed heating system, cannot be derived from this.

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