Not only feasible for new buildings – the 3-liter house

The 3-liter house impresses with its particular energy efficiency and accordingly has a low fuel requirement. To meet these requirements, it has to fulfill a number of criteria. Here you can find out which features are crucial and what costs can be expected for this type of building. In addition to this, we break down the advantages and disadvantages. We also reveal the connection between the 3-liter house and a vehicle.

From an economical small car and a building standard

Not only feasible for new buildings - the 3-liter house

Flashback to 1999: Volkswagen causes a sensation on the automotive market with its Lupo 3L TDI. The runabout is the first series-produced car to consume just 3 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. For this economical small car, the designation "3-liter car" really suggested itself. Apparently, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBIP) were inspired by this: In keeping with the hype surrounding the little VW Lupo, they have developed a new low-energy standard for buildings.

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Lodging in atlanta – neighborhoods & surroundings

Atlanta, Georgia, is a city that offers a rich history and a heap of modern cultural charms. Located in the heart of the southeastern United States of America, there is much for travelers to discover in Atlanta.

A city often overlooked by international visitors should not be missed. If only for a few days, you can immerse yourself in one of the most authentic cities in the U.S. With a strong sports community, a thriving music scene and an evolving food culture, Atlanta is just waiting to be explored.

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Use the bank of scotland app for iphone and android

Checking your account balance on the go, finding the nearest ATM or quickly making a transfer – theoretically no problem with banking apps for the iPhone or Android cell phone. Like large international financial institutions, Bank of Scotland has the mobile banking app for smartphone and tablet. Customers, especially those in Germany, must nevertheless take note of some special features.

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Harry potter: harry’s best decisions in philosopher’s stone

Harry Potter: Harry's Best Decisions in Philosopher's Stone

When Harry is first introduced as the boy who lived, it's not entirely clear what kind of wizard he's going to become – and for much of the series, he questions himself and his choices. Of course, fans know that eventually he becomes a young man who makes the right decisions and saves the wizarding world … and from the beginning he makes good decisions.

Of course, Harry also makes some bad decisions Harry Potter in this first part of – from trying to do things without the help of his friends (a recurring theme in the series), to putting a snake on his cousin (satisfying and random, but still not the best move). Overall, though, his decisions were pretty fantastic.

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Funding opportunities for retraining

The state and industry are committed to promoting retraining measures and further education in Germany. Promised are not only higher salaries and more social recognition. Ultimately, well-trained specialists are also important for Germany as a business location and for maintaining the country's high standard of living. Less qualified people with inadequate training often need retraining and further education courses, as well as additional courses, in order to survive in the labor market. In addition, the retraining programs in Germany are also available to all other
available to participants of the labor market.

Funding opportunities for retraining
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At which bank are the account management fees most favorable?


Choosing the right bank is an important decision that will affect your financial life for years to come. When deciding on a bank, there are many factors to consider – from account maintenance fees to customer service. In this article, we will introduce you to the different types of banks in Germany and give you tips on how to find the perfect bank for you

Types of banks in Germany

In Germany, there are two main types of banks: traditional banks with branches and online banks. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Traditional banks usually have higher costs for operating branches, but offer more personalized customer service and a range of other services such as credit cards and mortgages.

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