Wells fargo releases report on bogus fraud scheme

Wells Fargo releases report on bogus fraud scheme

Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC WFCWells Fargo& Co56. 35-0. 23% Created with Highstock 4. 2. 6 ) has publicly released the results of an investigation conducted by its independent directors to expose the company's widespread misconduct.

Over a period of years, the company's employees created more than 2 million fake accounts in the names of actual customers to increase the banks fee income and meet internal sales goals. When the crime was discovered, the immediate fallout forced the resignation of then-CEO John Stumpf and led to the ouster of retail banking chief Carrie Tolstedt. Now the company has decided to pay back 75 million US dollars that the two had received as compensation.

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Naming companies: 8 tips for the perfect sound and the best effect

What is actually important when finding a name for a company?? Who has to like the name? And should it communicate what you do? Does it do a fantasy name? You must have asked yourself all these questions before clicking on the link to this text. In the following lines I will try to give you some answers to help you find the best business name for your company.

1. Naming for business: Choose a business name you're comfortable with yourself

Yes, that's right. You yourself. Because you probably have to get this name across your lips the most of all people on this planet.

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Mathematics study experiences: mathematicians can do everything

Mathematics study experiences: Mathematicians can do everything

"Mathematicians can do everything!"This is at least the experience Bettina, Senior Project Manager at Mentorium, has had in her studies and career.

Bettina studied mathematics herself and got her PhD. Why she lost her hearing and sight in her studies, what horses have to do with the study of mathematics and what the understanding of mathematical correlations can trigger, you will learn in this interview about her mathematics study experiences.

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Overtime in the event of termination: you are entitled to this

Overtime is not always paid off or paid out without further ado in the event of dismissal. We explain what happens to overtime worked when the employment relationship is terminated and how you can assert your claims.

Overtime in the event of termination: You are entitled to this

1. Do I still have to work overtime after termination??

Until the end of the employment relationship, your employer can in principle still instruct you to work overtime. However, this only applies if the labor or collective agreement or a company agreement obligates you to work overtime. Otherwise, overtime must be worked only in emergency situations, z. B. In the event of a system-critical IT emergency or flooding at the plant.

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Marderschutz car: what really helps? Effective tips and tricks for marten defense

They are mainly at night – not infrequently in the car. They feel particularly comfortable in the engine compartment. The talk is of martens. Unfortunately, the animals tend to cause damage by chewing on cables, hoses or insulation, among other things. Annually, according to Statista, almost 200.000 cases of damage caused by marten bites reported to insurance companies. If you do not recognize this damage in time, serious consequential damage up to and including engine damage can occur. We tell you how you can protect your car against damage caused by martens, what costs you will have to bear and what you have to do in case of emergency.

What is marten damage?

Marten damage is the term used to describe damage to a car caused by martens biting cables and hoses in the engine compartment. Especially from the beginning of April to the middle of May, during the mating season, the risk of marten damage by the nocturnal loners is highest. This time is even considered the marten season. Whether ignition cables, power lines or plastic hoses – the small predators stop at nothing when it comes to defending their territory.

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Travel planning made easy: tips and checklists

Simply away! Out of the daily routine and into a new adventure. Who once got the taste, usually becomes downright addicted to traveling. Because never else do you feel as free and full of drive as when exploring new countries and cultures.

The times you spend traveling will be remembered for the rest of your life. They are those times you will still tell your grandchildren about one day. So if you haven't planned a trip for a while – or even never – it's urgent time (again). With our tips your travel planning will succeed with a minimum of effort and money – so that your next adventure can start shortly.

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Mallorca – city trip & sea

it starts slowly again. Traveling was and is certainly still conditioned by Corona
a little limited. How to travel and where to go? How do I prepare myself and what do I have to pay attention to, so that my vacation remains a dream time?

It is the same for us travel designers.
But what does it help, we want to continue to discover the world or not?? But we would like to travel more consciously and sustainably
and be in harmony with the environment.

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