City of konigsberg wants to remove stumbling blocks

Many people in konigsberg are concerned about the accessibility of the cobblestones in the old town. Older people in particular have a hard time on the uneven ground. Even moving around with a rollator is not easy in some places. In order to improve the accessibility of the old town pavement through structural measures, such as the installation of a walking lane for wheelchairs and walkers, city councilor frank slawik had submitted a written request for this topic to be discussed in the city council.

In this regard, as he informed the city council at the meeting on tuesday evening, mayor claus bittenbrunn held initial preliminary discussions with the lower monument preservation authority (district office), the monument preservation authority in schloss seehof and with the government of lower franconia at a meeting at the district office. It became clear that the development of a comprehensive network of paths would be best planned by means of an urban development inspection in order to obtain subsidies. Because, according to mayor bittenbrunn, "the whole thing will not be cheap." however, it would require comprehensive planning and implementation as an overall project lasting several years. It is a question of financial resources that the city has not had at its disposal in recent years.

For an application to the city building requirement, in addition to a historic preservation application with a detailed description of the mabnahme, resilient cost calculations by a planning office are required. This means that, in order to start planning, the city council had to award both a planning contract in the first stages of performance to an experienced and proven office. In addition, at least a rough cost estimate had to be presented.

In a well-founded debate, the city council stressed the urgency of the mabnahme also in view of the increasing number of elderly people. In conclusion, it was proposed to the body that the administration of the city ask municipalities with historic paving for design offices that have produced there, to the satisfaction of the municipality, the citizens and the preservation of monuments, the construction of sidewalks with flat materials in a cobblestone area. The city council agreed to this proposal.

The disposal of excavated earth and the transfer of the obligation to the district was the subject of another item on the agenda. Citizens of konigsberg repeatedly report that they have difficulties in disposing of the excavated earth produced during a construction project. The acceptance of excavated earth at the county landfill is also refused on the grounds that the municipality itself still has the obligation to operate a landfill. It is true that with the reform of the municipalities, the obligation to dispose of and deposit excavated earth was transferred from the individual districts back to the municipalities. In the following years, the city of konigsberg therefore operated a landfill for excavated earth in the hellingen district of the city. However, this landfill site was closed down and the landfill was reopened by a decision dated 29 june 2009. September 2010 the reclamation approved.

Attempts by the city to find suitable land within the city limits and to build a landfill have since failed due to a lack of suitable land and, above all, due to the current requirements for the construction and monitoring of a landfill during operation and, above all, due to the requirements for aftercare following the end of operation.

Now the district of habberge is in the process of planning two new landfills for excavated material within the district. One each in the southern and northern area. However, only the administrations and citizens of the municipalities that have transferred the obligation to create and operate excavated earth landfills to the district and thus also legally participate in their creation have the right to deliver excavated earth. Which will also result in a financial contribution to the creation of the network.

Since konigsberg does not have the possibility to build its own landfill, the administration proposed to the city council that the district of habberge be responsible for this task. Because, according to claus bittenbrunn, "we can't do it alone. This resolution was adopted without a dissenting vote.

The city council confirmed stefan musik as the newly elected commander and andreas holzer as the newly elected second commander of the hellingen volunteer fire department. Mayor bittenbrunn honored retired commander rudolf gutjahr and his deputy willi holzer, who held the office for 41 years.

At the end of the public meeting, it was announced that, at the request of the city, an increase in the subsidy for the "village square with pergola" project would be granted in the district of holzhausen, a maximum of 451,000 euros was granted by the office for rural development.