What homebuyers need to know

Rostock. The topic of home ownership is now being discussed again in the political arena, after having been virtually absent from the public debate for over a decade since the end of the home ownership subsidy in 2006. With the building child money the Federal Government brought a new promotion on the way, since 18. September 2018 it can be applied for. The Baukindergeld provides an equity subsidy for families with children. For each child, the state contributes 1.200 euros, which can be used to repay the real estate loan. The subsidy only applies to the purchase or construction of owner-occupied residential property – and it is only granted this year and next year. This means that if you want to be approved for the Baukindergeld, the purchase contract or building permit must not be dated later than 31. December 2020.

The grand coalition has also planned, but not yet decided on, a KfW guarantee program. "The guarantee program would be a great help for many home buyers," says Stonehedge CEO Nedeljko Prodanovic, "because if KfW were to guarantee the buyer, he would have to put up less equity capital when buying a home."The necessary equity ratio is a hurdle for most potential home buyers. While real estate financing would in principle be affordable for many households due to the favorable interest rates, not all manage to save enough equity capital, however. A rule of thumb says that you should be able to raise 20 percent of the purchase price yourself – in the case of an apartment for 250.000 euros, that's 50 percent.000 euros.

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Woodchip heaters: how they work, how sustainable they are, and when they’re worth it

Woodchip heating systems, along with wood gasification, are a popular method of heating homes and businesses with the use of wood. Wood chip heating systems come in a variety of configurations, but all have the same basic components: a storage bin for the wood chips, a burner to heat the wood chips, and a distribution system that delivers the heated air or water to where it's needed. Wood chip heating systems are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your home warm. In many cases, the government subsidizes installation costs, making them more affordable than ever before. Here's what you need to know about woodchip heating systems: how they work, how sustainable they are, and when they're viable.

What are woodchip heating systems and how do they work??

Woodchip heating systems are a type of biomass heating system that uses woodchips as fuel. Wood chips are usually made from wood waste such as sawdust, bark and other woody materials. Woodchip boilers use a combustion chamber to heat water, which is then circulated through radiators or underfloor heating systems. Wood chip boiler systems are typically more efficient than conventional heating systems and can help reduce energy bills. Wood chips need to be replenished regularly, but the good news is that they are a renewable energy source. Wood chip boilers also produce fewer emissions than other systems, making them an environmentally friendly choice for home heating. Boilers require regular maintenance to ensure safety.

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Rent a sports car – with or without deductible?

When you rent a sports car in Stuttgart, you are required to have fully comprehensive insurance. However, with some offers, you have the option to choose comprehensive coverage with or without a deductible. A rental without deductible is usually a bit more expensive, but in most cases of damage you do not have to bear additional costs. In the following we from mach2cars GmbH go into the advantages and disadvantages of both variants and explain when it is worthwhile to book a rental car without deductible.

When is a rental car without deductible worthwhile?

For every driver of a rental car it is a nightmare to be involved in an accident during the rental period. Even if you have a fully comprehensive insurance, you will be asked to pay in this case under certain circumstances, namely always if you have chosen a fully comprehensive insurance "with deductible. This means that you have to pay for the damage with an own contribution. The amount varies between different car rental companies.
Therefore, we advise you to definitely take a look at the rental conditions before booking. In Canada and the USA a fully comprehensive insurance without deductible has long been the rule. It's worth it, because you have full protection and can save on expensive additional insurances.

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