Bad kissingen: cab leak reported months ago

That the cab supply in the coarse county town is patchy at off-peak times and weekends was recently shown by the case of a couple from Fulda. The physically ailing pensioners tried for 90 minutes to get a ride, only to end up hitchhiking.

Hotel director Hans Markwalder can also tell you a thing or two about the gaps. "We have a guest who comes to us frequently and we lose him because at six in the morning it is not possible to get a cab to the train station.", says the boss of the hotel sonnenhugel in reiterswiesen. He had, however, the necessary rental car and personal requisition licenses. Before the hotel loses the regular guest, he will rather bring the guest personally to the train.

Supply in the early morning

Markwalder argues about the situation, but not so much about the cab companies and the drivers. His criticism is directed at the bad kissingen district office as the approval authority. The emphasized against this newspaper that no supply problems were known. "This statement is not true", contradicts the hotelier. He refers to a correspondence with the road traffic office, in which the sonnenhugel already pointed out the situation in April. Since the spring of 2017, the hotel has been noticing "that the request for a cab between ten o'clock in the evening and seven o'clock in the morning is no longer guaranteed". At least on weekends, cabs are available until the closing time of the discotheques. He is not alone in this, other hoteliers and innkeepers from the city area describe the situation similarly.

Markwalder shows understanding for the cab operators. If a company has to have a driver available at six o'clock in the morning and then has no more customers and therefore has to charge extra at the end of the day, it is understandable that no one drives at that time. Nevertheless: cab traffic is part of the public transport system (opnv). A cab concession includes a duty to transport and the hotel director does not see this fulfilled. The existing situation is incalculable. "This is not a requirement for a guest who needs to catch a train", emphasizes Markwalder.

Enforcing the obligation to transport is the task of the district administration. "The state has a clear mission, he finds. He criticizes the state for being very rigid when it comes to imposing regulations on the economy that businesses have to adhere to. "But when he has to fulfill his own tasks, he is no longer so strong."

District office wants to examine the situation

Jurgen Metz, head of public relations at the district office and district developer, emphasizes when asked that, from the point of view of district development, there have been no known problems with cab traffic in bad kissingen so far. "In fact, the responsible transport department has received isolated complaints", he communicates. The incident with the pensioner couple from fulda, however, was not one of them. "The complaints we have received have been dealt with. The companies concerned have been heard", he reports further. For reasons of confidentiality, the district office could not give any further information about the result of the processing of the case.

"All in all, based on the current situation, we will take a close look at the situation in the cab industry, conduct an inventory and then decide whether and, if so, what specific measures should be taken by the road traffic authorities", announces Metz.