Tenancy law – your lawyer in leipzig

Terminated? Repairs? Rent reduction? Rent increase?

The heating has not been working since you moved in? The landlord has registered his own requirements? Something is wrong with the utility bill? Or the rent is to be increased? My specialization in tenancy law enables me to give you reliable advice in my office for your concerns in Leipzig.

The topic of housing is an emotional one, as it involves a personal retreat – and it is not uncommon for small problem areas to escalate into major legal disputes. Because often the facts of the case are not as clear as those affected feel. Therefore: Contact quickly a competent lawyer in Leipzig for tenancy law, to avoid as a client large and expensive proceedings!

Even if you feel you are in the right: not all rulings are unambiguous and tenancy law is an area of law in the BGB (German Civil Code) that is subject to considerable changes due to the case law of the Federal Court of Justice. Regardless of whether you have rented an apartment and are in a tenancy relationship or are the owner yourself, it is often important to obtain legal advice from a lawyer for tenancy law from the Leipzig law firm.

Make an appointment with a competent contact person as early as possible and save yourself unnecessary high costs!

You have rented an apartment or you are the owner yourself? As a lawyer with many years of experience in tenancy law in Leipzig, I primarily represent tenants, but also landlords and estate agents.

As a lawyer specializing in landlord and tenant law, I support you as a client in the contractual drafting of residential and commercial leases for owner-occupied apartments, advise you on ongoing tenancies (e. B. in the enforcement of or defense against rent increases, problems with service charges, rent deficiencies, rent deposits, subletting and other difficulties), amendment of rental agreements, termination in the case of own use, problems with the rent index, disagreements about operating costs, the enforcement of or defense against claims for defects, up to the realization of outstanding claims from the rental relationship. As a lawyer specializing in landlord and tenant law, I offer comprehensive advice and representation in landlord and tenant law matters in my law office in Leipzig, Germany.

Let your lawyer for tenancy law from my law office in Leipzig advise you – no matter whether you are a tenant or an owner!

You have a problem with your rental company?

As a tenant, you quickly notice if the apartment, house or office space is not provided according to the contract. The heating leaks, the exhaust air system does not work, there are rental deficiencies – in this case you have the right according to the BGB (German Civil Code) to properly complain about existing deficiencies and possibly withhold part of the rent as a permissible rent reduction. But here lurk traps: If, for example, too much is withheld, this can lead to a rent arrears, which can even result in a termination, up to an eviction action including eviction. So if in doubt, call your lawyer for tenancy law in Leipzig.

Your lawyer for tenancy law in Leipzig supports you as a tenant and client in the case of

  • the review of tenancy agreements and their supplementary agreements (e.g., rental agreements, lease agreements).B. subletting)
  • a rent reduction and defense against rent increases
  • the fight against rent deficiencies
  • the enforcement of a right of first refusal in the event of the sale of the rental apartment
  • the refund of a rent deposit
  • the inspection of service charge statements and operating cost statements
  • Claims for damages
  • unjustified notices of termination and notices of own use
  • questions concerning renovation and cosmetic repairs
  • Problems with the local rent index

As your lawyer from the law office for tenancy law in Leipzig, I will answer your questions and provide you with comprehensive advice! Please contact me if you are looking for a successful out-of-court solution. Through my work as a lawyer in the legal field of landlord and tenant law, I have years of experience in solving landlord and tenant law problems and can competently support you in my law office in Leipzig in all areas of landlord and tenant law.